the luxury loo
that comes to you

interior feature
Luxury features to please and impress your guests...and you.
A W-See mobile loo is perfect for all types of events with up to a 250 guests, for a maximum duration of 12 hours.

W-see mobile toilet rentals are available in two formats:
Large: 3 ladies WCs + 3 urinals and 1 WC for gents;
Small: 1 ladies WC + 1 x gents WC.

Along with dependable, courteous and efficient service our units offer:
  • A smart interior with hygienic GRP wall cladding
  • Timber doors and trim
  • Gold-finish fixtures and fittings
  • Vanity mirrors with ambient and spot lighting
  • Warm running water
  • Luxury soaps, soft paper hand towels and toilet tissue
  • Automatic air fresheners & waste baskets
  • Built-in CD stereo system
  • Access steps & masking aprons to finish the presentation.
The W-see mobile luxury loo.
Top-notch service when only the best will do.